Three important ways co-education will benefit your child

Our workplaces, social circles and wider communities consist of more than one gender – co-ed is real life.

Co-education prepares students for life beyond schooling. It provides a learning environment that naturally reflects society. Boys and girls who share a classroom and learn together from a young age, have the opportunity to understand and embrace the natural learning, social and emotional differences between genders.
Co-education provides a platform for boys and girls to foster mutual respect, friendship and gender equality. Here are three important ways co-education will benefit your child:

1. Understanding equality and mutual respect

Sharing a learning environment with the opposite gender can assist in breaking down stereotypical gender roles. Girls and boys share leadership opportunities and engage in academic, sporting, musical and other co-curricular pursuits alongside each other. This notion of togetherness and equal opportunity for both genders, has a profound effect on young minds. It teaches and encourages students to develop mutual respect and positive social values.

2. Preparing students for the workplace

University and the corporate world are vastly different from school life and one of the biggest adjustments young adults will experience. Sharing a classroom with the opposite gender eases this transition, as it is a more realistic representation of post school life. Students who have engaged in co-educational learning and other co-curricular activities, are better equipped to interact with others in a professional and social capacity. These skills are vital in the workplace and the wider community.

3. Growing healthy friendships

Strong bonds are formed at school. A co-educational environment allows students to form natural friendships with boys and girls, which breaks down gender misconceptions and stereotypes. Peer connectedness contributes to personal growth as well as social and emotional development. Through everyday interactions, boys and girls have the opportunity to recognise the differing social dynamics between genders. This allows students to create appropriate social connections and develop skills to form healthy relationships throughout their lives.

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