Gifted and Talented Programme

Every endeavour at the College is made to extend our gifted and talented students through differentiation in the classroom and extension programmes both within the classroom and after hours through additional tuition.

In the Primary years, an Enrichment teacher works alongside teachers in Kindergarten to Year 6 using research and knowledge to maximise gifted and talented students’ educational experience. A broad range of extension and enrichment experiences are provided to meet the needs of academically able students through individual, small group, in-class or club settings.

In the Secondary years, Maths, Science and English are streamed so that students are placed in the appropriate class, with the extension class covering course material well above their peers. Free tuition is offered in the Secondary years in the core subjects of Maths, English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) before and/or after school. Each year the top 20 Year 12 students form the Principal’s Group, which meets once per term for mentoring.

In 2020 we started a Secondary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) elective and 23 students in Year 7 are in the launch group. The programme will include Year 7s and Year 8s in 2021. The programme provides the students with hands-on learning experiences that will help them to learn about the world around them. 

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