The College seeks to recognise gifted and talented students in order to provide opportunities pertinent to students’ ability and maturity. In addition to the breadth of exceptional academic, co-curricular and vocational training learning opportunities, the College offers Academic Scholarships for students entering Years 7 to 12 via Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The College supports students to flourish academically, creatively, socially and spiritually which is why many families choose to commute from beyond Perth’s northern suburbs to provide their children with a Kingsway education.


Details for scholarship vacancies become available in Term 4 each year. We do not have a set number of scholarships and they will vary from year to year. Successful applicants are not required to reapply and the scholarship lasts until the student completes Year 12. Students are not required to maintain certain grades or marks to keep their scholarship, but are expected to model good behaviour.

Scholarship Applications

Academic scholarship applications are now open for students entering Years 7 to 12 in the 2024 academic school year. Applications close: Monday, 12 February 2023 Exam date: Saturday, 25 February 2023

How to Apply

  1. Create an account on the ACER website.
  2. Add your child to your account by clicking ‘Add Child’.
  3. Click ‘Apply for a scholarship’ next to your child’s name.
  4. Select Kingsway Christian College as the school you wish to apply to and complete all required information.
  5. Click ‘Submit’ on the last page of your application to make payment and complete your application. Until payment has been made you are not registered for the scholarship test.

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We invite families to have a conversation with us about their children’s educational needs, so that together, we can decide whether Kingsway is the right College with which to partner.


Discover how we support students to flourish academically, creatively, socially and spiritually from Kindergarten to Year 12.