School starts at 8:50am and finishes at 3:20pm. A warning bell is sounded at 8:45am.

Click here for our Financial Information Handbook including fees. Fee increases in recent years have averaged between 6%. We strive to minimise increases and there are no building fund levies.

This ranges from 20 in Kindergarten with a Teacher and Education Assistant and goes up to a maximum of 32 from Year 4, or 25 for elective subjects from Year 7.

There are four Houses named after four missionaries who are known for their work in four different continents: Taylor (blue), Carey (red), Flynn (purple) and Livingstone (yellow).

We offer after-school clubs which vary from term to term. They often include Art, Reading, Times Tables, Extension, Chess, Spelling and Reading Support, Year 6 Concert Band, Recorder/Percussion, Scrapbooking and Golf.

From Years 3 to 6, students learn French for one hour per week as a second language. It is offered an elective in the Secondary School.

Without prior experience, keyboards and vocals can be taught from Year 1 and most instruments from Year 2. Our College Music Handbook can be viewed here.

learn more about enrolling at Kingsway college.

We invite families to have a conversation with us about their children’s educational needs, so that together, we can decide whether Kingsway is the right College with which to partner.


We invite you to have a conversation with us about enrolling your child at Kingsway.