Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Kingsway Christian College is an integral part of the learning journey. Our proactive approach in pastoral care is one that encourages students to build lifelong friendships, to learn integrity and to make wise choices. With our Christian faith at the core, the College provides students with a meaningful understanding of Christ.

Students are supported by form teachers and Heads of Students in Secondary and class teachers and Heads of Area in Primary and Early Learning. These caring teachers remain in contact with parents at all times to advise of any issues relating to student welfare. Students are also educated and encouraged to care for one another and we have a buddy system in Primary and a mentoring programme in Secondary to facilitate this.

KC Koala

Introduced in 2007, KC Koala is our one and only College Mascot. KC Koala’s role is to help develop a positive, affirming environment for all students. KC Koala is often sighted at Primary Assemblies, congratulating students who receive merit awards with a ‘high five’. KC Koala also appears at some Primary Sports Carnivals and has been a popular attraction with young children at our College Open Nights inside the photo booth.
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Meet our Chaplains

Kingsway students learn integrity, to be authentic and to lead lives of purpose as modelled by Christ. Our two full-time College Chaplains are committed to providing a Christ-centred support system to all members of the College community.

Our College Chaplains are commonly involved in:

  • Year 6 Trip
  • Lunch Programmes and Competitions
  • Parent Prayer Meetings
  • Additional camps, excursions, sports carnivals and events.

Parents, students and staff are welcome to confidentially talk to our Chaplains should they require guidance regarding any matters of concern or simply seeking impartial and sincere advice.


Lisa Luce

Miss Lisa Luce is our female chaplain at Kingsway Christian College and graduated from Tabor College, where she completed a Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling). Lisa brings passion, enthusiasm and energy to the College. She is very passionate about mental wellbeing and makes students feel valued, heard and supported. She believes that each person has a unique plan and purpose destined by God, and that adolescence is a pivotal time for helping young people understand their identity in Christ. Lisa often describes adolescence as a one big roller coaster of highs, lows, surprises, screams, uncertainty and fear, and she feels very privileged to journey alongside students as they ride this crazy rollercoaster.

Lisa is committed to spreading God’s Light wherever she goes and making sure that others know they are loved and valued by God.

Luke Wiseman

Mr Luke Wiseman is our male Chaplain, a proud alumnus and parent of Kingsway Christian College and he and his wife have three beautiful girls. Luke has enjoyed his time as a Chaplain at the College and has appreciated the opportunity to help support our students and encourage them to be the person God has called them to be. Luke holds a Diploma in Christian Counselling and a Diploma in Ministry.

Luke has previously worked as a Youth Pastor and has experience working with ’at-risk’ youth and children when he was previously employed at Alta-1 and the Department of Child Protection (DCP).

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