Senior Leadership Team

Mr Peter Burton


Responsible to the College Board for the day-to-day management of the College, and providing strategic leadership which fulfils the aims and objectives of the Kingsway Christian Education Association Inc.​

Mrs Hannah Rugg​

Director of Corporate Services

Responsible for the administrative and financial systems across the College, including buildings and grounds, family and student management systems, capital projects and oversight of financial systems.​

Mr Ruston Long

Director of Community Engagement

Responsible for community engagement including website, newsletters and annual Chronicle, managing enrolments, branding and marketing and promotion of the College.

Mr Roger Smith

Director of IT

Responsible for the information technology systems across the College, including the coordination and harmonisation of IT processes.

Mr Michael Brown

Dean of Primary

Responsible for the academic programmes, learning management system and reporting across the Primary school and oversight of the pastoral programmes in the Primary school.​

Mr Matthew Lovell

Dean of Secondary

Responsible for the pastoral care, discipline, uniform, co-curricular activities and camps, and oversight of the Secondary academic standards and the Secondary learning management system.

Mr Graham Irvine

Dean of Christian Formation

Responsible for the Christian Education curriculum across K to Year 12, training of staff on teaching from a biblical worldview and overseeing the chaplaincy service.

Supporting Leadership Roles for the Senior Leadership Team

Mr Seb Gerbaz

Associate Dean of Secondary

Responsible for the curriculum, timetabling, reporting, learning support and gifted and talented programmes and the learning management system across the Secondary school, whilst providing oversight of the Heads of Learning Areas.

Mrs Gai Irvine

Associate Dean of Primary

Responsible for the pastoral and discipline matters within the Primary school, whilst providing oversight of the Heads of Areas across the Primary school.

Middle Management

Heads of Learning Areas


Each Head of Learning Area is responsible for the teaching and learning of their subject specification across the Secondary school.

Heads of Students


Each Head of Students is responsible for two year groups in the Secondary school and oversees all pastoral and discipline processes for those year groups.​

Curriculum Leaders


Each Curriculum Leader is responsible for the development of the curriculum from Years 1 to 6 for their specified area.

Head of Areas


Each Head of Area takes responsibility for the classroom teachers in two year levels and after the classroom teacher, is the first point of contact for parents.

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