Past students are invited to join the Alumni of Kingsway. The College runs a closed Facebook group for Alumni and students are eligible to join regardless of whether they completed Year 12 or not. This is a great way of staying in touch with your friends and some teachers are also connected. Three times per year, we host an event principally for Alumni and Year 12 students and communication is mainly via Facebook. This social media group also enables us to reach you for reunion invitations, no matter where you have moved to and it’s the most efficient way to organise reunions. It also permits us to keep you up to date with life at the College. We look forward to welcoming you into this growing group.

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I have made the Australian Army my career since leaving Kingsway, however before arriving at that decision to join, I completed an undergraduate study at UWA and lived and worked in Japan for two years. After my return from Japan, I got married and joined the Army. I then went off to very dangerous parts of the world where young Australians were in threat of being hurt, killed and wounded. What got me through that time was the faith in God that was developed and nurtured at Kingsway.

Portrait - MAJ Matthew Scott

Matthew Scott

1993 Graduate

Sending me to Kingsway was one of the best things my parents could have ever done for me. I was surrounded by people who I could relate to in faith and join on my spiritual journey. All of my teachers cared deeply for their students and provided the best support a teenager could ask for. The school provided me with so many extracurricular opportunities such as Cadets, music, arts and sports which I always took advantage of. I learned so many valuable life lessons through attending Kingsway and I enjoyed every second of it!

Bianca Le Roux

Bianca Le Roux

2015 Graduate

The best thing about KCC is the fact that the majority of staff and students are Christians. Classroom discussions were often based on biblical principles and I always felt safe at our school. The staff at KCC really helped me reach high potential in the area of Visual Arts. Many of the teachers went above and beyond by giving up afternoons to help students reach their highest potential. I am grateful to have attended KCC.

Michelle Alumni

Michelle Casinader

2015 Graduate

Becoming a partner in an audit firm at the age of 26 – the leadership training I received through KCC (cadets, student leaders, etc) both allowed me to get to this position and has helped me to excel.

Alastair Abbott2

Alastair Abbott

2005 Graduate

I went on to study Maths and Sport Science and then a Dip Ed. I taught at Quinns Baptist for 10 years and am now at Alkimos Baptist. I have been in the roles of Year Coordinator and Head of Department and now oversee the Secondary part of our school and am Acting Principal when needed.


Kaylee Werner

2000 Graduate

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