Information Technology

One to One Programme

Kingsway Christian College has developed and delivered a range of strategies to contribute to the implementation of the College’s One-to-One programme.

The College continues to invest into the infrastructure and systems to create a world class environment for our students. This includes the deployment of family ready cybersecurity tools, and a high-speed internet connection.

This investment will continue to provide ongoing support and extend to learning programmes for teachers, students and parents as required. In this way, we are seeking to ensure structures are in place to improve the personal learning opportunities for each student.

For more information see our One-To-One Brochure.

Device Recommendations

Outside of specific technical specification, we have found that the following points are generally important/useful:

  • Is lightweight and sturdy (gorilla glass preferred)
  • Is in a properly fitted protective carry case (ill-fitting is ineffective)
  • Has at least 5 hours of battery power in normal use
  • Is able to fast charge (80% in approximately 1 hour)
  • Storage is expandable via microSD or replaceable hard drive
  • Touch enabled, preferably with pen input

Student Device Guidance

Families are asked to purchase a device for their child in Year 5 – 12 which allows students to develop skills, work habits, attitudes and expertise that will prepare them for success and help them to become efficient and effective life-long learners.

To simplify the decision-making process, Kingsway Christian College has engaged with JB Hi-Fi Solutions (JBS) for Education for the supply and service of selected Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) which meet the needs of our students. Ordering through the portal is a simple process.

How to Access the Education Portal

  • Use the QR code available in the One to One brochure or
  • access the JB Education Portal by using the School Code = KCCBYOD22

You will then be able to choose your pickup or delivery option, device, accessories (e.g. bags or covers) and warranty.

If choosing to purchase a device outside of the JB Education Portal, please ensure you purchase at minimum an i5 with 8GB RAM and Windows 10 Home Edition (not Windows S). Also note that purchasing outside of the portal will mean you have access to less comprehensive warranty and replacement options.

Choosing to order through our portal means you have access to exclusive commercial grade warranty and pricing offerings, traditionally not made available to consumers when purchasing in-store. It also means the I.T. team at Kingsway Christian College can assist you with warranty claims and device replacement.

The following suggestions come from the difficulties or challenges previous students have experienced:

Do Nots/Do Not Buy:

  • Laptops running Windows 10S
  • Laptops with 30GB or less of hard disk space
  • Laptops with ARM or IA64 processors (eg, Asus NovaGo, HP Envy X2, Microsoft Surface Pro X, Apple iPad, Samsung Tab, Apple Silicon)
  • Laptops with the largest screen such as 17” or larger, they are heavy and cumbersome to carry and do not fit very well on the desks
  • Chromebook, of any kind
  • Laptops designed for
    • gaming (high performance GPU), such as Alienware, Acer Predator, MSI Stealth series
    • waterproof/intrinsically safe (MIL-STD-810G style like Panasonic Toughbook, Dell Latitude 14 Rugged, Getac B300/T800EX)

Issues and Logging Tickets

The College utilises a ticketing system to log and manage all tickets (incidents and requests).  Staff, students, and parents can raise a ticket via email or webpage 24/7.  Chat, phone and walk-ins are available during the school term and appointments may be arranged during breaks.

Cyber Safety Management

The College utilises a combined solution of Network Firewall and Content Management, to manage cyber safety across devices and software.

For the management of family cyber safety, parents can continue to use Family Zone or if preferred, any other alternative software solution.



Troubleshooting problems that are preventing you from carrying out your studies.

  • Most students need help with installing and configuring OneDrive, Office 365, FamilyZone and Adobe Creative Cloud (only for media students).
  • Configuring the wireless network to work whilst on campus.
  • Remove Chrome extensions.
  1. The IT team will complete an initial investigation of hardware issues and advise the student (or parent) of the recommendation. Sometimes this requires replacement of the device, but in most cases return for warranty repair. 
  2. Parents to have read and adhered to the Device Recommendations and Student Device Guidance.
  3. The management of Cyber Safety of their devices and children out of school days and times.
  1. Laptops are similar to homework/uniforms in that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure they are prepared, ready, and maintained ready for use that day.  IT does not carry any spare chargers and does not have the room to hold devices whilst charging.
  2. Consider purchasing a device which enables rapid charging (80% within an hour) as this will help on those odd days which the student forgets.
  3. Some classrooms (not all) have GPOs which, with permission from the teacher, may be used to provide some charge.

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