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From 2022, Primary parents will no longer be required to complete a Campion Book Order for stationery items.  Instead, the College will have a Book and Stationery levy and will source all the items required directly from Campion. Charges vary from $120 -$170 depending on the year level. This new system reduces costs to parents and is also more sustainable. There will however be some items that parents need to supply, as per the Book List Letters below.

For Kindergarten Students – please see our Early Learning Handbook – Page 9, to be found here: College Handbooks – Kingsway Christian College

Pre-Primary – Year 6 Book List Letters

Pre-Primary Book List Letter

Year 1 Book List Letter

Year 2 Book List Letter

Year 3 Book List Letter

Year 4 Book List Letter

Year 5 Book List Letter

Year 6 Book List Letter

Secondary Book Lists

Year 7 Book List

Year 8 Book List

Year 9 Book List

Year 10 Book List

Year 11 Book List

Year 12 Book List

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Our book supplier for College textbooks is Campion Education.

For second hand textbooks we use the services of the Sustainable School Shop where you can check availability.

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For more information please see the Sustainable School Shop Second hand Textbook and Uniforms User Guide.


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