Please Click on this Link to Update Your Child’s Details

Consent2Go is a secure platform to help us manage student health and medical information, aid teachers in planning and running excursions and activities, high quality risk management and facilitate parent permissions/acknowledgement for those activities. It streamlines our communication with parents and removes our reliance on paper forms by using email and secure online student profiles. With each activity, parents will receive an email with detailed information on the activity and the ability to update and approve the medical information and contact details the College holds regarding your child. Current up-to-date information on your child is essential for us to ensure that we can offer the best and most appropriate care.

Your child’s details can be updated at any time through Consent2Go and does not require parents to set up an account or remember a password. Simply type your email address into the Student Profile Invitation at the link above. It will generate a secure link to allow you to update the profile. Please note that the system requires a two-factor authentication and will also send a code to your mobile phone.

Immunisation Certificate

If your child is an Australian citizen, you will need to obtain a copy of their Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) history statement (it will be beneficial if you have already established a My Gov profile). As part of the amendments to the School Education Regulations, schools will be required to identify an Australian student’s vaccination status by sighting the child’s current AIR history statement. From January 2019, schools have been required to identify if a student is up to date with their vaccinations and for this information to be included on a school’s enrolment register. This information will be disclosed to relevant government authorities as required. If your child is under 14 years old, you can access his immunisation history statement via your myGov account by following this guide:

 If you need to create a myGov account, you can create it by visiting:

If your child is over 14 years old, your child will need their own myGov account