The Kingsway Christian College Parents and Friends Group is made up of a small band of willing volunteers. The aim of the P and F group is primarily to seek to build a Christ-like community at Kingsway Christian College. We encourage this by organising a variety of events which will get people together fellowshipping and communicating with each other. The KCCP&F will also be involved in some fundraising to support a variety of needs throughout the College.


Statement of Purpose 
The Objectives of the KCCP&F shall be those of the Kingsway Christian College’s Constitution. 
In particular, the KCCP&F will participate in the optimum spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of pupils in the School by:

  • Providing a medium of support, information and involvement of parents/carers in their children’s education and the School community
  • Developing collaboration between parents/carers and School staff
  • Promoting the principles of Kingsway Christian College’s Christ centred education – Kingsway Christian College Constitution
  • Fostering a distinctive Christian environment in the College. 

 KCCP&F Membership 
The membership of the group shall consist of:

  • Volunteer parent/s and or carer/s of each child enrolled at the College who shall be called KCCP&F members
  • A nominated Senior Leadership Team member
  • The friends of the School