At the College we are committed to the holistic development of our students. Recent research indicates that extra/co-curricular activities contribute to students’ success at school. It is understood that extracurricular activities have positive effects on students who participate. Active participation in school activities, leads to higher self-esteem and an enhanced status among peers as well as strengthening the school connection.  It has also been found that a positive self-esteem is a deterrent to antisocial behavior.

In our Secondary school, our diverse co-curricular activities include the DFES Cadets which includes the Duke of Edinburgh programme, ACC after school sports teams, Interhouse and Interschool sporting carnivals, Year 10 River Cruise, Year 11 Ningaloo Camp, Year 12 Ball and a Year 12 Mission Trip which is offered as an alternative to our leavers. Student life is also enriched by the bi-annual Drama production, a community Art Exhibition at a Retirement Village and our Music Extravaganza Night. We also offer before and after school tutoring in core subjects across the Secondary school year groups.