Staff Engagement Survey Results

Recently we asked our staff community to complete a confidential survey to seek feedback on the College’s internal communications.

Out of 181 College staff, 41 completed the survey. Here are some of the key findings:

Overall communication from the College

Staff are largely satisfied with College communication. 73% of staff rating current communication standards 4 out of 5 (or higher). Less than 3% rating it 2 or less.

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College Newsletter

Only 36% of staff surveyed read the College newsletter in full.

Interdepartmental communication

Only 12% of staff feel there is frequent communication between departments.

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Workplace recognition

Only 9.8% of staff surveyed are satisfied with the College’s efforts to promote recognition in the workplace.

Key takeaways from staff feedback:

Staff are largely satisfied with the communication from the College and most feel generally well informed.

Some staff are frustrated with the various communication lines, multiple platforms and repetition of information

Staff have some concerns around the accuracy, quality and timeliness of information shared.