Health Centre

The College operates a Health Centre and employs two Health Care Co-ordinators who share the full-time load. The Centre operates each day from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

The role of the Health Care Co-ordinators is to administer First Aid and dispense medication as required. A number of staff hold current First Aid certificates in addition to the Health Centre service.

When students are taken to the Health Centre, they are treated and returned to class within an hour unless the student is not well enough, in which case parents are contacted to collect them. To facilitate this, it is important that the College have up to date contact information for parents.



At the time of enrolment in the College, parents will receive an online invitation where they will be required to complete details on Consent2go for their child’s medical condition. Any Action plans for Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Epilepsy or any other potentially life-threatening condition must be uploaded at this time.  It is important that the College is advised if this information changes in order for us to administer the necessary care for our students.


Allergy Awareness

Kingsway Christian College is an allergy aware school and as such, we ask that parents provide us with information concerning any known allergies suffered by their child/children. We request that in the case of anaphylaxis, parents issue the College with a medical plan from the doctor concerned.


Administration of Medication Form

Please download our Administration of Medication form. This form is to be used when a parent/carer requests school staff to administer medication to their child on a short-term basis.

Please Note: Long term administration of medication should be incorporated in a health care plan.

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