Fee Information

Direct Debits

For information about direct debits, please see our Direct Debit Service Agreement.

Please note that 4 December 2020 is the last day to lodge a direct debit stop request over the Christmas holidays.

Should you require your direct debit to be stopped over the Christmas holidays, you will need to put this request in writing by emailing schoolfees@kcc.wa.edu.au

If your 2020 fees are cleared before the end of December, your direct debit payments will continue over the holidays and will start reducing your 2021 fees.


Fee Assistance

Bursary Assistance  

To assist families who encounter unexpected financial hardship the College has established a bursary fund.  On receipt of a completed bursary application form, eligible families will receive a one-off discount on their tuition fees, provided the College still has funds remaining in the bursary fund   Until receiving bursary assistance, families should continue to pay fees as they fall due and maintain communication with the Finance Department (contact details below) providing updates on their financial situations.

Download a copy of our 2020 Bursary application.

Secondary Assistance Scheme 

The State Education Department offers a Secondary Assistance Scheme for the holders of a Centrelink Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.  Application forms are available from the Finance Department, and some conditions do apply. The 2020 closing date has now passed and new forms will be uploaded for 2021 when available. 

Family Accounts Contact the College’s Accounts Receivable Officer

Donna Langton
(08) 9302 8777


We invite families to have a conversation with us about their children’s educational needs, so that together, we can decide whether Kingsway is the right College with which to partner.