Students being driven to and from school by private transport may only be dropped off and picked up in the designated areas. Care should be taken when driving in and around the school grounds and speed limits carefully observed.

Please see our Traffic and Parking Management and College Parking Map for important information about parking and dropping off of students. 

Please observe all "No Parking" and "No Standing" signs as these are erected to assist with the smooth flow of traffic. It is also important that the rules for using the Disabled Parking bays are strictly adhered to as we have several parents and visitors who use these bays regularly.

Cars must not be left unattended in the drop off zone in the front carpark.

A Crossing Attendant is employed on the crossing on Kingsway at the front of the school and also on Hartman Drive in the morning and afternoon. Parents and students need to obey the directions of the traffic warden when crossing the road.