Kingsway Christian College is governed by the Board of Kingsway Christian Education Association Inc.  The KCEA Board consists of up to twelve elected members of the Association with responsibility for exercising all the powers of the Association in the operation of the College.  The Board meets regularly and has a number of committees that service the Board.  
The responsibilities of the Board include:
• Ensuring that the College remains true to its Mission, Strategic Plan, Policies and Values,
• Appointing the Principal and monitoring his/her performance and the College’s educational standards,
• Ensuring that the College meets its legal and regulatory requirements,
• The development and monitoring of Board Policies,
• Ensuring the College’s physical facilities are constantly updated, and
• Planning for the future to ensure the College’s sustainability and continued success.

Board Committees 
Committees are created by the Board when it becomes apparent that the business of the Board
requires a more focused approach that cannot be provided with the full Board.

Standing Committees are:
1. The Executive Committee – Consisting of the Board Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.
2. The Finance Committee – Oversee the financial management and audit processes.
3. The Master Planning Committee – Oversee the implementation of capital projects and recommends future planning of capital projects. 
4. Board Governance Committee - Board recruitment, development, performance and succession. Board policy and risk management.

Our Board

Rebecca Coghill - Board Chair - first elected 2014

Rebecca is married to Roger and has two children at the College.  They have been involved with Kingsway Christian College since 2009.

Rebecca is a people strategy and governance consultant to the not-for-profit, public and education sectors.  Rebecca brings skills in organisational and people strategic planning, industrial relations, learning & development, work health & safety, board and corporate governance. 

Rebecca currently serves as the Board Chair and is a member of the Governance Committee and Finance Committee.

Rachel Kogiopoulos -Treasurer – first elected 2015

Rachel is married to Don and they have three boys who are in the Primary school. They have been involved with the College since 2012.

Rachel is a CPA Accountant who has gained experience in various industries. She is currently the Business Services Manager for a not-for-profit organisation.  Rachel brings skills in Financial management and analysis, financial reporting, and corporate governance. 

Rachel currently serves as the Treasurer and is a member of the Governance Committee.

Nico Oberholzer – Secretary – first elected 2013

Nico is married to Annemi and has two children at the College. The family have been involved with the College since arriving in Perth in 2008. Nico is a Project Manager in the engineering and resource industry and offers skills in project management and cost control.

Nico currently serves as the Board Secretary and also chairs the Master Planning Committee.

Quinton Funk – first elected 2016

Quinton and Vicki have two children, both of whom have attended Kingsway since Kindergarten.

Quinton and Vicki were involved in mission work in Southern Africa for 10 years before moving to Perth in 2008.   Quinton is a qualified Chartered Accountant currently working in Public practice. 

Quinton brings skills in financial reporting and management as well as experience in management of church/not-for-profit organizations. Quinton currently serves as a member of the Finance Committee.

Frederick (Frik) Jankowitz – first elected 2015

Frik and Carlize Jankowitz have three children who have all progressed through Kingsway from Kindergarten.

Frik and Carlize immigrated to Australia in 2004 and have lived in Perth since emigrating. Frik is a qualified quantity surveyor, with a degree in planning and business administration.

Frik brings strengths in planning, development and is hoping to contribute to the general growth and management of the College by serving on the board.

Frik currently serves as a member on the Master Planning Committee.