Currently students are using Stymie to anonymously report illegal activity, cyberbullying, bullying, self-harm, poor online behaviours, suicide ideations, sexual harassment and other types of harm to individuals and their school community. Rather than trying to work against peer pressure, we have been equipping schools with a tool that recognises the nuanced nature of peer relationships by providing security and anonymity to bystanders. The anonymous nature of the notification system makes students feel safe enough to share important, life-changing information. 

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Family Zone

As part of our ongoing commitment to educational excellence and our duty of care to ensure students’ safety and well-being.  We are proud to announce that Kingsway Christian College has partnered with Family Zone.

Family Zone is Australia’s leading provider of cyber safety and security services to schools and parental control products for parents and is a cyber-safety solution that protects children on the internet wherever they are; at home, at school, and everywhere in between.  Providing parents with visibility, and allowing them to manage their children’s online activity, with ongoing support from a team of leading Cyber Experts. Family Zone is the platform of choice for Australia’s & New Zealand’s leading cyber safety experts and educators certified by the Australian Government’s eSafety Commission & netSafe offering both school and parent features allowing our school community to work together.


In the past few years school compliance requirements have significantly increased and as a result we have made the decision to use Consent2Go. The system will replace our current paper process for collecting medical information and for informing parents and obtaining parent permission for school incursions and excursions. Consent2Go is used in many other schools in Australia and is considered to be a  highly effective tool.

Consent2Go is a direct provider of services to the school and Kingsway Christian College requires all providers to comply with national and state privacy compliance and security requirements. Consent2Go does not use this information for any purpose other than what the school has requested.

All  of our families will be asked to enter and update health details and give consent for their child/ren to attend excursions or camps. All information related to the event will also be attached to each email. The system works by sending an email to parents, so no login is required as the emails are personalised. It will be a quick click on a box and you will automatically be connected to the system.

What can I do to support my child?

Talk with your child about how comfortable they feel at school.

Provide regular feedback to the College

Ask for the Staff Code of Conduct and the Student Code of Conduct, and understand how it applies to you as a parent.

Speak to the College if you have any concerns.

Child safety and protection is everyone’s concern.  We all have a role to play in promoting and modelling healthy and respectful relationships.  School leaders, educators, staff, parents, carers and all members of our community share the responsibility of creating a child safe culture.

Let us continue to work together and equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge to ensure our students reach their full potential in a safe and supportive Christ-centred, child-focused environment.