What if I feel uncomfortable notifying someone at the College about “questionable” behaviours in staff or other students?

The Codes of Conduct provide clear guidance on behaviour and decision making, including when the College needs to be notified.  When you see such behaviour, you don’t need to “judge” the intent of the behaviour, only recognise that it is occurring.  Once the Principal is aware of it, a number of strategies are available to manage the behaviour.  The Principal could simply take note of the occurrence, or may opt for a more formal process.

Why is the College teaching a Protective Behaviours-type curriculum?

The aim of this type of curriculum is to educate students in ways to problem solve and seek help when faced with unsafe situations.  This is not just about abuse prevention but about skills that they can use in their everyday life.  May aspects of this curriculum are already being taught in various learning areas of the wider curriculum.  Besides the obvious value in teaching students such skills, the teaching of such a curriculum is mandated by the State Government.

Why is Kingsway Christian College using the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum?

The Keeping Safe Child Protection curriculum was created by the South Australian Government in partnership with the Catholic and Independent schools sectors. Key researchers helped to design it based on latest research. It is a programme that spans from 3 years up to Year 12. As such it is the most comprehensive curriculum of its type. Please speak with the Principal if you have any further questions.

Protective Behaviours Parent Flyer 

Don’t these type of curricula teach about sex and sexuality?

No. These programs are not human sexuality programs. They are designed to equip students with knowledge and strategies to enable them to navigate everyday issues. There is abuse prevention specific material, but this is not to be confused with teaching of human sexuality.