Kingsway Christian College is a community and as such, there will be times when parents/guardians will wish to make suggestions, may have a complaint or raise a concern that needs addressing.  Kingsway Christian College takes these issues seriously and welcomes feedback.  The Complaints Policy is outlined below to assist families should such a need occur.  Please remember it is our policy that we wish to deal with issues sooner rather than later.

Key principles for handling complaints at Kingsway Christian College:

  1. The College is open to the concerns of parents and students.
  2. Complaints are received in a positive manner.
  3. Parents and students can expect to be taken seriously and can approach a member of staff about their concerns.
  4. Concerns are dealt with speedily and those who have raised them are kept informed about progress.
  5. It is not acceptable for students to receive adverse treatment because they or their parents have raised a complaint.
  6. Clear confidential records are kept.
  7. Confidentiality is respected and maintained so far as is possible.
  8. Resolution of the matter is sought.
  9. Staff training covers the handling of complaints as appropriate.

See our full COMPLAINTS POLICY v3.4

Child Friendly Tips for Making a Complaint( Primary)

Child Friendly Tips for Making a Complaint (Secondary)

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