Café Volunteer Roster  

The café is a valuable school resource and requires the generosity of volunteers to keep operating. Assistance in the cafe provides an excellent way to get the ten hours of parental Practical help done, so if you have a day once or twice a term please consider volunteering to help out in the canteen. Interested parents are asked to contact the Café Chef Manager, Mr Anton Zulch  in order  to slot in a day. The tasks are not hard, the conversation pleasant, and the kids love seeing Mum and Dad at recess and lunch times. Thank you for volunteering. 

The photo gallery below shows some healthy options available or see Cafe Winter Term 3 Menu

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Our Online Café
Our school café is now online which will provide an easy and convenient way of ordering your child’s meals. This is our preferred option.
How to get started
Sign up by completing the registration form
Receive a confirmation email
Login to the website
Select your school and enter your child/children’s names
Add credit and order your meals
Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3-4
1.    Select your child
2.    Select your date
3.    Add meal items to order
4.    Confirm the order
How can I add credit?
There are three ways to do this. Paypal, credit card and direct deposit.
Is the website safe and secure to use and add credit?
Yes. Our Online Canteen has SSL certificate and it is used for any financial transaction conducted through the website.
If you need help
Call 1300 116 637

Ordering at the College
Lunch orders are to be written on lunch order bags. Lunch orders need to be clearly marked with child’s name and year (2P, 3C, PPP etc).
Lunch orders can be placed in two ways-
In the morning at the canteen, bags and menus are available from 8:20am until 9:00am to place your order for that day: this is a cash only service.
Kindy to Year 3 lunch orders, can also be placed in the basket provided in the classroom.
Please do not order recess items in lunch order bags or leave your child’s recess money in the lunch order bag. Children must come to the canteen at recess to buy items.

Café Accreditation
We strive to stay in the guide lines of the Western Australian Canteen Association: we offer a healthy menu, that exceeds minimum standards that are set by the compulsory “Traffic Light” healthy eating strategy, implemented by the WA Government for all WA public schools. This also includes food safe handling and hygiene training. We follow quality guidelines with strict food handling and preparation procedures.

On our menu
The green smiley face indicates a very healthy food choice item
The amber smiley face indicates a healthy choice.