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With the pandemic on everyone’s mind and people staying indoors, we encourage you to support each other within the Kingsway community. One vehicle that you can use to support other in the community is B2Me. This is a digital business directory, which encourages members of our Kingsway community to do business with each other, thereby underpinning a stronger community. 

B2Me is a new and innovative services-finding social media platform that enables you to have access to free marketing within our school community whilst also enabling you to ‘be found’ by the broader marketplace. Relationships is one of our core values at the College and we see B2Me as a tool to develop authentic and supportive relationships within our community.
B2Me is a comprehensive services-finding platform based on friends’ recommendations and trusted community connections, fully funded by the College. It is designed in a way that helps community-based groups like Kingsway to build a marketplace whilst also enabling business owners to build further links into the broader marketplace. Whatever your field of business you are most welcome to apply to join.

Go to our Directory

We invite you to join our directory and sign up is free. The process of registering is very intuitive and takes just a few minutes. Here are a few steps to get you started:

Step 1: Visit https://b2me.com.au
Step 2: Click on ‘Free sign Up’ located at the top right of the page
Step 3: Sign up using one of the social buttons or alternatively with your email 
Step 4: Select either provider (provider of a service) or user (service seeker)
Step 5: Follow the prompts to complete your profile
Step 6:  When asked to enter an affiliation, search for Kingsway Christian College, go to the page and click on the blue button that says ‘Join this Community’. You will then be notified by the page administrator when you are accepted.
Step 7:  Return to your personal page and build your network by inviting anyone you know to join B2Me via the options provided.

For more information see the B2Me website: https://b2me.com.au
If you have any queries regarding this email, contact Ruston.long@kcc.wa.edu.au
For any support queries regarding B2Me, click on the support link at the bottom of their site.