Since 1984, Kingsway Christian College has established a reputation for providing a dynamic educational foundation for life, in addition to maintaining our commitment to a Christ-centred approach to learning. We are excited to offer a learning programme to your son or daughter that is founded on the understanding that every child has the opportunity to achieve. We value all our families and encourage parents to become an integral part of our school community and so contribute to the development of your child’s talents.

We believe that our purpose for existing is to honour, value and support all the children in our care. We have committed to adding value to each child through the provision of programmes that are designed to support, nurture and enrich their lives. Kingsway Christian College strives to open new doors for each child by acknowledging and encouraging personal interests, talents and needs.

At Kingsway Christian College we endeavour to offer an educational programme that is innovative, reflecting best practice and catering for a broad academic range. We seek to foster an attitude of responsible stewardship of the gifts and abilities God has bestowed upon each one in our community. We aim to empower students to exercise their talents responsibly by leading a fulfilling life and making an active contribution towards social justice and the common good.

Kingsway Christian College strives to provide our students with a stimulating and safe environment in order for meaningful learning to take place. Most importantly we insist on selecting and appointing quality, committed, enthusiastic and talented teachers who are passionate about educating young people. We value our staff and are committed to selecting educators who will engage your child in a learning journey that is exciting, authentic and importantly, relevant to his or her own interests.

I warmly welcome you to visit our Campus and meet with me. I am sure that you will appreciate the dynamic and caring culture that is so much a part of our wonderful school.

Warm Regards

Peter Burton