Following in the Footsteps of Jason Day and Adam Scott

by Alison Young | Jan 15, 2020

Aldrich Potgieter of Year 10 has won the 2020 South Australian Junior Masters by a commanding 9 strokes. He adds his name to an honours list that includes former World No 1 players Adam Scott and Jason Day.

Aldrich went on to play in the Australian Men's Amateurs in Brisbane where he finished 77th out of 300 players from all over the world.   All the Kingsway community congratulate him and wish him well for 2020.

Gareth Steyn of Year 12 also participated in the Junior Masters and did exceedingly well,Gof-best-christian-schools-kingsway-christian-college placing fifth.

Both boys have been a part of our Specialist Golf programme for a number of years.
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