Arts Faculty Art Award Goes to Ethan Wallace

by Alison Young | Jul 09, 2019

Ethan-best-christian-schools-kingsway-christian-college (Copy)In 2008, the Kingsway Christian College Arts Faculty established the Arts Faculty Arts Award. The award recognizes a Year 12 student of excellence in Dance, Drama, Media, Music or Visual Art to receive $500.00 towards their creative, technical skills and Arts theory development, in support of their Year 12 academic Arts subject studies. The award’s submission from students requires individuals to submit an Arts C.V. of their time in the College in their particular Arts area, including any Arts based service to any community events and or exhibitions they may have participated during this time, Arts Awards and referees.

The recipient of the Arts Faculty Arts Award for 2019 is talented ATAR Music student, Ethan Wallis. Ethan has had a passion for Music performance from a young age and was first a member of the Primary School’s Concert Band. His active music service in the College has continued to thrive throughout his Secondary School years. A highly skilled and talented guitarist, Ethan has been a member of the College’s Funk Soul Band, Worship Band and Swing Band. 

Ethan has also performed with excellence in multiple Kingsway Christian College Open Nights, Music Showcase Evenings, in support of the College’s Vocal Ensemble and as a passionate performer in the College’s Inter-House Arts festivals from 2017 - 2019. In addition to his creative music gifts, Ethan is a strong academic ATAR Music student. Following his Year 12 graduation, Ethan intends to pursue his dream of studying a Bachelor Degree of Performance Jazz at WAPPA.

The College congratulates Ethan on his award and wishes him every success in his Year 12 studies, planned tertiary degree and exciting future music career endeavours.