ANZAC Art Featured at Wanneroo Regional Museum

by Alison Young | Apr 16, 2019

ANZAC Artwork (17) (Copy)Kingsway Christian College’s Year 10 Visual Art students were honoured to have been invited to exhibit their ANZAC Community Art sculptureVeneration’ by the City of Wanneroo’s Regional Museum.. The artwork was displayed as a part of the Museum’s historical displays that shared the stories of the ANZACs from Wanneroo in the lead up to ANZAC Day 2019. Veneration’ was exhibited in the City’s Civic Centre’s central administration building foyer. The artwork was created by the students to commemorate the precious lives and talents of Australians, who have lost their lives in any military or peacekeeping operation in which Australia has been involved.

Veneration’ is an installation sculpture that features five different chairs, each with their own still life object arrangements, as used in classical Flemish art. These chairs reference five different social context careers that include a Minister, Architect, Doctor, Judge and Scientist. Collectively they symbolise the potential careers of service to others, that young fallen service ANZAC men and women under the age of 17, may have gone on to have had, had they not sacrificed their lives to protect others’ freedoms.