Four Kingsway Students Achieve ATAR Scores Over 99

by Alison Young | Jan 22, 2019

The 2018 Year 12 results were pleasing with 34% of our students performing in the top 10% of the state, and 53% of our students performing in the top 20% of the state.  Congratulations to all our students for all the hard work they put into their studies, and also to the staff for their hours of extra tuition and support that was invested over the year.

Congratulations to Mikala Bower, Olivia Osborne, Siobhan Martin, and Linka van der Walt who received ATARs of 99.6, 99.3, 99.25 and 99.05 respectively, and also to Alex Wolf, Alicia de Lange, Luca Formoggio, Elsje Kriel and Cody Dalliston who received ATARs of 98.6, 97.8, 97.6, 97.1 and 97.05 respectively. 

Congratulations to Siobhan Martin and Mikala Bower who received Subject Certificates of Excellence in English and Human biology respectively, and congratulations to the following students who all received Certificates of Distinction ; Lara Apsley, Mikala Bower, Dillon Cassinader, Ariana Coetzee, Anna Cross, Alicia de Lange, Elsje Kriel, Siobhan Martin, Oliva-Jane Osborne, Luca Proietti Formaggio, Linka van der Walt, Alexandra Wolff, and also the following students who recievd Certificates of Merit;; Aaron Assefa, Emma Collins, Simone Ferreira, Samuel Grasett, Georgia Hammond, Lauren Harvey, Matthew Johnston, Kayla Louw, Wynand Malan, Jessica Millar, Dhyaan Shah, and Andre van der Merwe.

Kingsway Christian College has one of the highest percentage of Year 12s attempting ATAR subjects in the northern suburbs (84% in 2018), and being an academically inclusive school, this philosophy has allowed students to strive in subjects where other schools may not have given the same grace. So I am proud of the work staff have invested in helping students achieve ATARs as high as listed above, something many of our competing schools are not able to emulate, whilst still consistently having over 30% of students achieving students achieving above 90 as an ATAR.
It is wonderful to see such a wide range of academic capabilities achieve these results through the combination of hard work, competitive collaboration, the support of their inspiring and motivating teachers and of course, their family. I pray that all of our graduates continue to develop their God given gifts while deepening their personal relationship with their Creator. 

Mr Peter Burton