Our Maths Bright Spark

by Alison Young | Aug 08, 2018

Richard Kakkanatt of 4N has been doing the UCMAS programme for over three years now. UCMAS is a globally recognized and scientifically proven, child development program based on Mental Math and Abacus for children. It helps children to develop their brain using abacus as a tool and basic arithmetic operations as a base. Further information can be gained from www.ucmas.com.au.
Richard can perform basic mathematical operations (addition/subtraction) with and without abacus with accuracy. He is capable of adding and subtracting two digit numbers, up to thirty rows (30 two digit numbers) with accuracy, just by doing the calculation mentally(without abacus). 
This has won him National Champion in the Abacus competition, which was held in Melbourne in July. Richard will be representing Australia in Kuala Lumpur in December where he will be competing against children from 57 countries. 
Dedication, focus and a lot of practice achieve this kind of result. We are very proud of Richard’s achievement!