Drama Offered as a Specialist Subject in the Primary School

by Alison Young | Mar 23, 2018

2B Drama (7) (Copy)

1D Drama (28) (Copy) 
From 2018, the College is pleased to be able to offer Drama as a specialist subject in the Primary school along with Music, Art, Phys Ed and French.

Run by Mr Sam Sheedy, who has taught an Upper Primary class at Kingsway for a number of years, the classes are offered in a spacious Drama Room. He is passionate about Drama and instilling a love for it in our students.In Semester 1, the Early Learning students are being offered an introduction to Drama and basic skills such as voice, movement and role. We anticipate that there will be many opportunities for them to perform and to show what they are learning in front of their classmates and others. 

In the second half of the year, the older students will have the opportunity to experience the Drama classes, which will be tailored for their age group.

Children naturally engage in make-believe play and are drawn to the creative expression and fun of Drama classes. We are excited by this new aspect of our curriculum and its ability to encourage our students to gain self-confidence and fulfil their God-given potential