Pleasing 2016 Year 12 Results

by Alison Young | Jan 16, 2017


Once again the 2016 Kingsway Christian College Year 12 results were pleasing with 42% of our students performing in the top 10% of the state, and 56% of our students performing in the top 20% of the state.  Congratulations to all our students for all the hard work they put into their studies, and also to the staff for their hours of extra tuition and support that was invested over the year.

Congratulations to John Matthews and Christy Bower who received ATARs of 99.15 and 99.05 respectively, and also to another nine students who achieved ATARs between 98 & 99. Congratulations also go to Nikita Barnett (Human Biology) and Arnold Buys (Physical Education Studies) who achieved Certificates of Excellence in those subjects, and also to the twelve students who achieved Certificates of Distinction.