Spring Flowers to Brightwater

by Alison Young | Nov 04, 2016


On Thursday 20th November, the Primary Choir accompanied by staff members and members of the P&F went over to our neighbours at Brightwater Madeley Retirement Village to sing to the residents and then presented them each with a bunch of spring flowers. The flowers were donated by the College community and arranged into bunches by the P&F just prior to the event. As part of our outreach into the community, the College has an ongoing relationship with a couple of retirement villages including Brightwater Madeley.

The choir, under the able directorship of Mrs Sharon Davis, enthusiastically sang a number of items and particularly well received by the residents was an acoustic item called “The Rain Song”, sung as a three-part round with a body percussion sequence to finish. The students obviously enjoyed performing and the music touched even those with dementia.

After the singing each student collected a bunch of flowers and handed them out to residents who were thrilled to interact with the children and cheered by the colourful bouquets.  It was a wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to our wider community.