A Bowl of Rice for Multicultural Day

by Alison Young | Oct 04, 2016



A bowl of rice for lunch!  On Friday September 16th, this year’s Year 12 Mission Team, who will be visiting Thailand at the end of the year, organised a day-long event to raise awareness of poverty in a third world environment.

Yes, just rice, as the Global Monetary Report of 2015 reminds us a person in poverty is living on $1.90 per day (US). It is projected that 700 million people will be in poverty this year with 1.2 billion of these living on less than $1.25 per day. These may just be figures but they represent actual people and the tangible experience of paying $2 for a bowl of rice aimed to remind students that for many this is the only food they may receive in a day.

The event saw multicultural dress in vivid colours which represented nations around the globe. It was a new event at the College, as previously Multicultural Day has only been celebrated in the Primary school.

The atmosphere was terrific as students lined up for their hot bowl of rice at lunch time. There was a flurry of rice cooking to keep up with demand with over one hundred portions sold. The students were delighted with the whole day as it was received so well. The curry sauce was a massive hit taking a humble bowl of rice to the next level. A big thank you to everyone who donated in one form or another as the funds raised will be used in projects on this year’s trip to Thailand.