Wrestling Rising Star Awarded Warwick Workout Sponsorship

by Alison Young | Jul 15, 2016

As the final Assembly of Term 2, we had the pleasure of celebrating the recent and ongoing success of one of our Year 12 students. Taking up wrestling only 3 years ago, Petrus Palm has risen quickly to become the premier freestyle wrestler in his weight class at the junior level in the country. He has earned multiple gold medals at state and national competitions in both freestyle wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Most recently he was selected to represent Australia at the Oceania Continental wrestling tournament (two gold medals), the Nordhagen classic in Canada (bronze) and the Commonwealth Youth Championships (bronze). He is most definitely on the right path towards a future Commonwealth games and we all hope even an Olympics one day!
Wanting to work with Petrus to give him access to first class equipment, training facilities and professional advice, the team at Warwick Workout (a brand new state of the art gym built as part of the Warwick Stadium redevelopment/expansion) have partnered with Kingsway Christian College and have awarded Petrus with a full gym membership including all equipment, classes and advice from the highly qualified staff there.
Marcus Lewenhoff-Jones, Fitness Manager at Warwick Workout; “Warwick Stadium has a long history of association with Kingsway; there are teacher, parent, student and Warwick staff connections that go both ways between our two organisations and have done so for several decades. The opportunity to support Petrus in his journey fits perfectly into our motto of Life, Fit, Community.”
Congratulations Petrus on your achievements thus far, we certainly look forward to watching your progress in the years to come!