Year 9 Students Build Robot

by Alison Young | May 03, 2016

 Robots have existed for over two thousand years. In fact, the first recorded robot was built around 350 B.C, and was a mechanical bird dubbed ‘The Pigeon’, which was propelled by steam and was built by the Greek mathematician, Archytas of Tarentum.
While robots have existed for that long, the term ‘Robot’ was only ever made public in 1921 by Czech writer Karel Capek in his play “R.U.R”, or Rossuum’s Universal Robots. He got this term from the Czech word ‘robota’, meaning ‘compulsory labour’.
Robots exist to make our lives easier and some of our Year 9 Robotics students recently built a 4ft talking ‘Meccano’ robot as shown here. Mr Karsakis, the Year 8 & 9 Robotics Teacher stated:  “All three students, Joel Miller, Ethan Wallis and Steven Chen have been very diligent putting this project together and should rightly be proud of what they have achieved. The students have called their robot ‘LOC’, named after one of their fellow classmates.”
“LOC can do many things and can be programmed and controlled via a mobile phone or a computer,” Mr Karsakis added. “While LOC isn’t the most practical robot around, there are robots currently being used to save lives in many dangerous locations around the world such as in earthquake situations.  There are robots also developed which will have a huge impact on our future lives and may even assist in further developing our future”.