Students Meet Nobel Prize Winner Dr Barry Marshall

by Alison Young | Sep 29, 2015


 In commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Albert Einstein’s ground breaking Theory of Relativity concerning gravity and light as well as 2015 being proclaimed as the International Year of Light, Australia hosted one of its largest regional science festival – Gingin Science Festival following closely after the National Science Week. Ten of our top Year 12 Science students had the special privilege of attending one of the key events `Science Symposium’ held at the Cosmology Gallery at the Gravity Discovery Centre on the evening of 3rd September.

Both our students and their parents had some engaging encounters with Prof Marshall who was most delighted to share some of his experiences with patients and the various types of current treatment. It was very encouraging to see our students asking him questions based on recent concepts they have grasped in the classrooms and extending themselves to new realms. They were challenged and inspired to think beyond their classroom learning experiences and see the wealth of applications and contributions towards society as a whole.