New Nature Play area

by Alison Young | Jul 30, 2014

The Primary school is very excited about having a new Nature Play Area.

There are lots of reasons why children should make the move from inside and in front of the TV or computer room to the outdoors. Probably the best reason is that it is fun and families will be happier and healthier doing things together. There are other important considerations. Research undertaken around the world indicates there are real benefits for children being involved in nature and such research indicates that:
 Children benefit from appropriate risk-taking during outdoor play, by helping them to refine their motor skills and gain confidence in being physically active
 Older children who spend more time outside tend to be more physically active and less likely to be overweight and;
 School gardens positively affect children’s learning and behaviour and students involved in gardening develop a better school attitude, student bonding, teamwork and problem solving skills.

Students at the College are having lots of fun while developing skills of balancing, building and problem solving. The learning that can take place outside is never ending. We thank God that we live in such a wonderful City with a great climate that allows us to get outside most days of the year and get close to nature.