Kingsway Shines at Interschool Netball

by Alison Young | Jun 25, 2014

Kingsway girls have been outstanding in the WACSSA interschool Netball competition. All four teams represented our school so well and really enjoyed playing against many of the other Christian schools.
One of our Year 5 girl’s teams ended up top of the ladder and they were undefeated all day. The girls played so well, scoring many goals and showing great movement on the court. As they finished top of the ladder they received a lovely Netball trophy.
The other Year 5 teams had a couple of wins and one draw throughout the day. They played so well as a team scoring a few goals and showing great work in defence. A few of these girls haven’t played competition Netball before so did so well on game day to mix in with those that had played and pick up the rules and play.
Both Year 6 teams made it into their grand finals and both teams won, receiving a team trophy at the end of the day. Our teams worked well together and rotated positions as well as showing strong shooting and middle court work. Our defence stood up to all the balls thrown their way and made some fabulous stops throughout the day.
All the girls should be congratulated on their wonderful sportsmanship, effort in training before the day and the way they worked together.