2013 Winner of Arts Faculty Arts Award

by Alison Young | Oct 01, 2013

From 2009 the College Arts Faculty has offered an Arts Faculty Arts Award. The Award is to recognize a Year 12 Arts student of excellence in Drama, Media, Music or the Visual Arts to receive $500 towards their Arts subject study at the College. The award provides financial support for the student to be able to undertake further studies or training in their given area outside the College or to purchase specialist Arts equipment and materials towards creating their course work.
The Award submissions from students requires individuals to submit a creative Arts CV of their time at the College and any other Arts based Community Events they have been involved in, during their most recent 18 months at the College. Once again this year the students’ applications were of an exemplary standard.
The winner of the 2013 Arts Faculty Arts Award, Taylor Cornall, is an extremely multi-talented young lady. A dedicated Media student and the 2013 College Media Captain, Taylor has been actively involved in the extra-curricular Arts life of the College and its many College and public Arts events throughout her senior years at the College. Taylor has served as the Back Stage Co-ordinator for each of the College’s Musical Drama Productions in 2013, 2011 and 2009 and has been highly valued in her ongoing role as Media Assistant for the College’s sound and lighting desk for all of the College’s staff and student Assemblies, annual Anzac Services and Inter-House Arts Festivals; amongst many other special College events.
A pivotal, founding member of the KCC News team, Taylor has been a significant contributor to its news production and editing since its conception in 2011. In addition to her extra-curricular Media life in the College, Taylor is also a talented and dedicated Media student. Highly respected by her fellow and younger year Media peers, Taylor is known for her extremely positive, encouraging and inclusive approach to other students in the Arts at the College.
Taylor has used the funds from the award towards for the acquisition of new technical camera equipment and camera lenses, which have greatly aided her in her Year 12 Media course production work. An extremely worthy recipient of this year’s Arts Faculty Arts Award, the College and Kingsway Arts Faculty congratulate Taylor on her outstanding achievement and wish her every success in her future pursuits!