Kaleb Elliott Scores An Albatross

by Alison Young | Jun 12, 2013

There is exciting news from our Year 8 Golf Academy Class. The Academy and Kingsway Golf Club has recorded its first Albatross. Congratulations to Kaleb Elliott who scored a 2 on the 422m Par 5 on the 11th hole at Marangaroo Golf Course. It is an extremely rare feat to “Double- eagle” or score an Albatross in golf. Double-eagle odds are not definitively known, and different sources give different numbers. Commonly in golf literature, the figure of 6-million-to-1 is given. Odds are more likely around 1-million-to-one. Regardless, it's clear that the double-eagle is a much rarer feat on the golf course than even a “Hole in One” which is approximately 13,000-to-1 for the average golfer.
Well done Kaleb on your amazing feat, one that not all golfers have the privilege or prestige of achieving.