Visit From Channel 7 Weather Team

by Alison Young | Mar 18, 2010

Year 6ST were very excited to be involved in the Channel 7 weather show on Thursday 18th March 2010. They were part of a live cross-over with Natalia Cooper as she presented the day's weather.
During Week 7 the students in 6ST were involved in the air watch program when they measured the weather on their weather station and then sent their results into Channel 7. These were announced during Natalia Cooper’s weather section.
6ST were very honoured to be chosen to host the weather show in our classroom. After much preparation and practice the day arrived. Natalia and the weather team were wonderful with the students as she showed them how the weather is recorded and answered the various questions. Autographs were signed and we rehearsed what was needed. At 6.22 the live cross to the studios was made. The children were asked to look at their books and then wave at the end and so they performed beautifully. Even Kasey Koala appeared for the final farewell. What a great learning experience and opportunity the Year 6 students were given.
On March 23rd 2010 an article and photograph appeared in the Education Section of the West Australian newspaper, as part of an feature about Air Watch schools.