At The Arts at Kingsway Christian College, Media Arts and Visual Art are elective subjects in Years 7-10 that provide opportunities for students to explore their arts studies across a variety of engaging digital and studio areas, using varied digital media and visual mediums respectively to create, construct and innovate.

Throughout Semester 1, students have concentrated on extending their practical (both two and three-dimensional) with a view to being more self-directed in both their creative inquiry and creation of bespoke media works and artworks.

The Arts Semester 1 exhibition features a variety of Media Arts Year 7 Stop-motion Animation Posters, Year 8 Photography Manipulation and Year 9 Film Posters. In contrast, Visual Art features a variety of Year 7 Ceramics, Year 8 Lino Prints, Year 9 Pop Art Botanical Drawings and Prints, and Year 10 Surrealist Drawings and Sculpture Designs.