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At Kingsway Christian College we seek to foster children’s appreciation of music and we aim to help develop musical gifts and talents.

Music is an important part of the College curriculum and is taught by dedicated Music teachers. The Music Department also offers many opportunities for students to participate in specialised music such as instrumental music tuition on strings, guitar and piano; woodwinds, brass, voice and percussion are offered to older students. Recommended entry level instruments for Junior Primary students (Year 1-3) are piano and violin. Junior and senior choirs and instrumental student soloists and ensembles give wonderful opportunities to perform in school assemblies and concerts, Eisteddfods and other public performances.
The Secondary Music programme is built upon the strong musical foundation laid in Primary school. Music becomes an option from Year 7 when classes become more specialised. Music is offered throughout the College, including Courses of Study in senior Secondary years. Secondary students can undertake instruction with specialist teachers in one-on-one tuition. Only in special circumstances Music Bursaries may become available on application. 

Performance is important to all Kingsway Christian College musicians and they are given performance opportunities through the Swing Band, Senior Concert Band, Junior Concert Band, Year 5 Scholarship Training Band, Secondary Swing Band, Clarinet Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Junior and Senior String Ensembles, Secondary Junior and Senior Ensembles, Junior and Senior Primary Choirs, Orchestra  and the Secondary Worship Band. 

For more information about our Music tuition programme please see our Music Handbook 2020

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