Developing students’ gifts and talents using Media is an exciting option at Kingsway Christian College.
Students can elect to study Media curriculum from Years 7 to 12 and gain practical skills in media writing, photography, radio, television and film. The curriculum has been created to prepare students for further studies and careers in Media linking with current industry professionals in commercial and Christian Media.
There are also many opportunities for students to participate in Media activities to extend their skills and serve the College. Media students and the Student Leadership team are involved in producing the KCC N3WS, which is broadcasted at assemblies throughout the school year. The KCC N3WS gives students experience in photography, filming and editing, journalism and television production roles.
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Media is increasingly a large part of each student’s everyday experience. At Kingsway Christian College we seek to build on that area of interest to provide students with opportunities to develop their skills, and foster opportunities to use Media to serve God.