At Kingsway Christian College there are five areas that offer students opportunities to be involved in leadership aspects of school life. They are:

  • Pastoral
  • Welfare
  • Sport
  • Academic
  • Cadets

The Student Leadership Council has both Primary and Secondary representatives. 

Our Secondary College Captains are Anna Iliescu and Sean Kiaye and Vice Captains are Yanka Stobbe and Caleb Leathard.

Student Leadership has many facets or areas of gifting. The Pastoral facet includes a focus on nurturing, encouraging and building a community of students passionate for Christ. This is an important and extremely responsible part of a student’s leadership role. Empathy, compassion and accountability are vital to being effective Christian Leaders.
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This role also includes the welfare of the student body, the focus of which is helping others to cope with each day. This can include anything from merely mentoring individual students, to broader activities such as the Peer Support programme, Love in a Shoebox initiative, the World Vision Forty Hour Famine and greater involvement in community and mission work.

  • Christian Character: All student leaders must be active Christians demonstrating a sincere love for the Lord Jesus.

  • A desire to serve: Leadership is about serving, not receiving honour. Student leaders serve God through meeting the needs of people.

  • Exemplary behaviour: Because they are role models, student leaders must not display any major misbehaviour problems. They must demonstrate honesty and integrity.

  • Teamwork skills: Leaders need to know how to be a part of a team, able to work harmoniously with others, without demanding their own way.

  • People skills: Leaders need to listen to people, care for them, build them up and value them.

  • Leadership potential: Future leaders must possess a willingness to learn and to be trained. Ideally they would already have been involved in church, social or youth group leadership, although this is not essential.

  • Sound academic progress: Students should not prejudice their studies because of involvement in leadership. Only those making sound progress should consider being involved.