The House System was established at Kingsway Christian College to give students and their families a sense of belonging to a smaller group that will share similar goals. With this in mind, when students enter our College they and their siblings are allocated to the same House.

Each year the Houses compete for the Spirit Cup which is awarded at all house-based activities with scoring based on the same six categories plus some “on the day” ones and at the end of the school year an overall winning house is announced for the Grand Cup presentation.



The four Houses at the College are Carey named after William Carey, missionary pioneer to India and founder of the Baptist Missionary Society, Flynn named after John Flynn, Presbyterian minister and missionary in Australia and founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Livingstone named after David Livingstone, missionary doctor and explorer in Africa and Taylor named after J. Hudson Taylor, missionary pioneer to China and founder of the China Inland Mission.

The House Crests are displayed in the College gymnasium