On August 2nd 2013, over three hundred students from Kingsway Christian College took part in the annual Australian Maths Competition. The competition is aimed at students with a passion for Maths and typically involves problems at a higher level than what is seen in regular Maths classes. The competition is run nationally, with questions specifically written for different age groups. This year there were forty nine Kingsway students who achieved a Certificate of Distinction, which equates to being in the top 15% of all students in Australia in their year group, with a further six receiving a Certificate of High Distinction, putting them in the top 2% of students. All of these award winners were acknowledged at an Assembly.
The recipients of the High Distinctions were:
 Anna Iliescu (Year 5)
 Mikala Bower (Year 7)
 Olivia-Jane Osborne (Year 7)
 Joshua Pollard (Year 10)
 Sol Bi You (Year 11)
 Joshua Taylor (Year 12)