2012 Year 12 Graduates Achieve Strong Results

The 2012 Year 12 results were very pleasing with 30% of our students performing in the top 10% of the State and 54% of our students performing in the top 20% of the State. Congratulations to all graduating students for all the hard work they put into their studies and also to the staff for investing hours of extra tuition and support.

A special congratulation goes to Sarah Yeung and Daniel Coventry who attained ATAR scores of 99.1 and 99 respectively and to Reuben Jeyaraj who achieved a Course Exhibition for being the top student in the State for Applied Information Technology.

Certificates of Distinction for being in the top 0.5% of students in the State were awarded to:

  • Daniel Coventry and Reuben Jeyaraj for Applied Information Technology
  • Sarah Tran for Human Biological Science
  • Susanna Grondein for Psychology

Six Kingsway Christian College students also received Certificates of Commendation which are awarded to eligible students who,in their last three consecutive years of senior secondary school WACE enrolment, obtain:
a. At least 20 A grades in course units or equivalents (including at least three two-unit combinations) or
b. At least 14 A grades in course units (including at least three two-unit combinations), if they have six unit equivalents and an AQF Certificate II or higher.
These students were Daniel Coventry, Natasha Cross, Susanna Grondein, Sarah Menaglio, Sarah Tran and Sarah Yeung.