College Sweeps Honours in 2009 TEE Psychology

Kingsway Christian College is delighted to announce that our 2009 College Captain Gemma Little has been awarded the Course Exhibition for the top result in 3A/3B Psychology in Western Australia. Gemma Little and Davina Chung, also of the College, were both awarded Certificates of Distinction (top 2% of the State) and these were the only two awarded in the State for Psychology. Kingsway was one of a limited number of schools in Western Australia to offer Psychology as a new Tertiary Education Examination subject from 2008.  Mr Tony Yap, of the Humanities Faculty, has pioneered the teaching of Psychology at the College with a resounding success in its early stages. Fourteen students wrote TEE Psychology in 2009.
Four Kingsway Christian College students also received Certificates of Excellence (a minimum of 10 A’s in Year 11/12). These students were Caleb Kendrick, Gemma Little, Audrey Pieterse and Bianca van der Nest.
Other significant achievements for the year are:
• Kingsway was the top Vocational Education and Training school in the State (equal with 8 other schools).
• Kingsway was named as the leading school in Psychology and equal leading school (10 schools named) in English as a Second Language Dialect