The Primary years of schooling from Year 3 - 6 are critical to a child’s learning. Children always learn best in a nurturing and caring environment and this is a feature of Kingsway Christian College’s Primary classrooms. Children are encouraged to achieve their best by challenging themselves to set achievable goals in the context of a safe environment where Christian teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic professionals.


Teachers provide a stimulating learning environment which differentiates the teaching & learning and assessment programmes to match the needs of individual learners. Formative assessment is part of the process and a range of tools is used to provide feedback to parents. Standardised testing is conducted throughout the Primary School, including the NAPLAN testing. This allows the school to develop an accurate profile for each child.  Classroom teachers work closely with specialist teachers, including the areas of Support and Enrichment, Physical Education, Music, Art, Drama, French and Information Technology. Educational support is available for those students who require extra help.


Friendships that are nurtured and developed during Primary years often remain lifelong.
Parents have an important role to play in our Primary School and are encouraged to participate in helping in the classroom, on class excursions and sports days. Parents are urged to communicate with class teachers so that a strong partnership is developed between the school and families.
Our aim is to work with families to provide the best education possible for all the students.

Strings-best-private-schools-kingsway-christian-college (Copy) UP girls (Copy) Lisamarie and Guillaume with Mrs Jenny Williams