Our One-to-One programme has been rolled out for Year 5- 12.

What is One-to-One at Kingsway Christian College?

A One-to-One programme is where a student may bring a specified device to school for use in their learning. The term One-to-One is used for a number of different programmes in different schools. At Kingsway Christian College we view One-to-One as meaning that:
1. Students will bring in a device to use in their learning which meets the required specifications.
2. Teachers may provide opportunities for these devices to be used in the classroom or allow these devices to be used alongside other classroom technologies.
3. The school will permit limited, controlled and monitored access to the school wireless network for these devices.

Families are asked to purchase a Windows device for their child in Year 5 - 12.

The College does not recommend any particular retails outlet or brand for families to use. If you have any queries please email us on 1to1@kcc.wa.edu.au

Technology is being used currently in the classrooms to enhance students’ conceptual understanding, and a student technology programme provides the opportunity to help make education more relevant and engaging for students who have been raised on digital technology. The need for “pen & paper” will remain, and there is no desire to see technology become the dominant tool in the classroom, but rather simply an alternative mechanism that builds our students understanding of the curriculum.

 Frequently Asked Questions about One-to-One

For your convenience, these One-to-One Technology related documents are made available below  for you to download.